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Whether you're looking for plumbing assistance in your home or for your business please fill out the form below to schedule plumbing service online. If you've got an emergency situation involving gas or any other dangerous substance or you need faster help please call us at 817-453-8028!

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Our Services

  • Water Line & Sewer Line
    Need a broken, cracked or blocked water or sewer line repaired? KMP offers residential sewer line repair, replacement & installation!
  • State Gas Testing
    KMP's gas line pressure testing services can help ensure that gas stays where it belongs... in your homes gas lines. Not inside your house!
  • Smoke Testing
    KMP can help find places wwhere sewer gases are entering your home & fix them once an for all. We solve smelly problems so you can breathe easy!
  • Plumbing Camera Service
    Concerned about the condition of the pipes in your home? Our plumbing camera offer a non-destructive safe way to inspect the condition of your pipes!
  • Hydrostatic Sewer Testing
    Our hydrostatic sewer testing can determine if you have leaks in your home's drain pipes. Detect a costly problem before it starts & get peace of mind!
  • Sewer Cleaning & Jetting
    Our jetting service can clean your clogged or slow sewer line can remove built up blockages that are slowing your drains.
  • Backflow Testing And Installation
    Keep your drinking water safe. Let us prevent backflow from your plumbing system from creating a dangerous situation for your family!
  • 24 Hr Emergency Plumbing Service
    Day or night if you need emergency plumbing services call our team 24 hours! Our technicians will quickly and safely get things back to normal!
  • Commercial & Residential Plumbing
    KMP offers both commercial & residential plumbing services to Kennedale, Mansfield & surrounding area families & business owners. Call us today!
  • Water Heaters
    Keep the hot water flowing! Our service technicians can install & repair traditional gas or electric residential water heaters.
  • Tankless Water Heaters
    Save money & the environment! Let KMP install Rinnai's tankless water heating systems in your home - instant-on hot water along with a lower utility bill!
  • Hot Water Circulating Systems
    From instant on hot water to other residential water circulating systems KMP can give you water when and where you need it in your home!
  • Drain Cleaning
    If you've got a clogged drain in your kitchen, bathroom or other part of your home call KMP today for drain cleaning & clog removal!
  • Gas Leak Detection And Repair
    If you're concern about gas leaks let us locate and repair problems in your home. Protect your family - call us 24 hours a day!
  • Slab Leak Detection And Repair
    If your home's plumbing leaks underneath your home's slab it can lead to serious problems! Don't delay. Call KMP today!
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
    Stop plumbing problems before they appear. Our service technicians can do a thorough inspection of your help to prevent messy costly problems in the future!

License # M-17237